Still Wines

Vini Fermi

Embodying the pleasure of discovering a terroir

The whole story of Friuli, as expressed in this part of the region, is to be found in our selection of still (non-sparkling) white and red wines. We cultivate native and international grape types with tremendous passion, processing the grapes in such a way as to ensure that the wines capture the character of this specific area. We make bottles to be opened on convivial occasions, to be savoured with pleasure – straightforward wines that nevertheless have what it takes to surprise you; wines that are a delight to sip on as you discover the aromas that, slowly but surely, come to the fore. 

Out in the countryside, after a hard day’s work, the men would raise up their glasses of wine until they were in line with their faces, look closely at them and watch the light glint off them before drinking them carefully. The ancient trees followed their destiny century after century, and the slow pace of life was infused with a sense of eternity.