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Our Story

Roots stretching down five generations 

The long history of the wines of Borgo Veritas stretches back five generations. It is a story that began with our passion for the terroir of Friuli and for the training of vines, back in the days when photography was a new invention and photographs only ever came in black and white. This passion, passed down from father to son, continues to drive us forward today. 

Borgo Veritas is a heartfelt project that arose out of respect for the hard work done in the fields. We go to great lengths to safeguard the precious natural equilibrium that allows the vine to offer up its finest fruits. This is no hollow marketing strategy on our part; on the contrary it is a choice that we make day in, day out. Ours is a passion that has evolved, becoming embodied in the desire to create a great wine, and then taking pride in the quality of that wine as we share it with other people. Every wine we make encapsulates both this ever-beloved terroir and the story of our family. 

It is a passion that, like a good wine, has developed and matured over the years, becoming enriched with new expertise and new objectives. “There is a new sensibility in the approach to understanding and making wine, my grandparents would have been astonished to see the progress that has been made. The passion, though, has remained unaltered – we love what we do, and that’s why we’re here. And we’re only at the beginning: for us, every new victory is a stepping stone towards the next challenge. Taking the best of the past and looking to the future. This is what I am teaching my children, that they should continue creating value without ever losing their identity.” (Leonardo Mascherin, founder of Borgo Veritas)

Storia Borgo Veritas


Vite Borgo Veritas


Passion, storytelling, identity

Building on five generations of experience in winemaking, in 2016 we decided to release our own brand, with a view to exploiting our expertise and paying clear tribute to the wine that is created here. Polished but at the same time fresh and vibrant, our wines are the embodiment of a project that may still be at the fledgeling stage but is aiming to put down solid foundations, and has great potential for evolution. Modern, capable of expressing themselves directly and easily recognisable, our wines are not just a vehicle for the identity of our winery – they are also part of the project to make the most of our local area. Our sparkling wines make their way from your palate to your heart, being as intense and sincere as the land from which they come. Our still wines, too, tell the story of this terroir, confidently aware of their own identity. Moreover, our artisanal grappas are distilled just like they used to be, from grapes that never fail to summon up emotions. Respect for the vineyard and roots stretching back five generations – this is what Borgo Veritas is all about. Welcome to our winery.

What does making wine mean to us? Respect for the vineyard and the environment in which it is found – this is a fundamental part of any effort to achieve the consummate equilibrium of a wine that succeeds in encapsulating the character both of the terroir and of those who interpret it.



Nestling between the Dolomites and Venice

Protected to the north-east by the Prealps, and caressed from the south by the soft breezes carried by the Adriatic, it is here that the vines surrounding our property are cultivated, in this beloved tract of land that from the lush plain affords breathtaking views awash with generous colours and perfumes. These flatlands encompass a rich variety of soil compositions, imbuing the wines that are produced here with a plethora of subtle notes and nuances. 

It is on this land, criss-crossed by the River Tagliamento, that our vineyards are located, and so it is here that the identity of our wine is fostered. It all begins in the vineyard, every single sip is the fruit of the terroir: this is the essential truth that should never be forgotten. Painstaking care in the vineyard is the first great secret to making good wine. For this reason, to those who come to visit us, we always say that we start to create our wines as soon as the vines are planted in rows in the vineyard. The choice of vine-training style, the techniques and technologies to be deployed in the field, the attention focused on the quality of the product and on reducing invasive interventions to a bare minimum – these are the elements that underpin every sip you will savour. Our objective is to create identity by encouraging the natural character of the grape types that we have selected and by nurturing the terroir’s expression of itself. 

Cantina Borgo Veritas